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“ Thank you, you are an enthusiast as there are certainly not two! If you have the opportunity, know that he will spare neither his time nor his energy to regularly offer you quality interviews of young emerging artists. J'Mag is both the guarantee of beautiful discoveries but also and above all the work of an enthusiast who puts more than all his heart into the work. Long life to J'Mag and thank you! » Jules de Parade (Rock, Folk - Inouïs PdB 2020) from Marseille

“ J'Mag is a fantastic concentration of young talents, highlighted by James, an insatiable enthusiast...! » Nico d'Antechaos (Modern Hard Rock) from Metz

“ After several interviews in J'Mag and 2 live appearances on J'Web TV, it's always a pleasure to chat with James who conveys his passion for music and art in general. Always attentive and in kindness, don't change and BRAVO for all this work.  » Alex LeBail (Pop Rock) from Orleans

“ Thanks to James for his kindness and listening to us, the Artists. Pretty interviews taken on the spot, and retransmitted in the J'Mag, a formidable tool. There is the diversity of Artists of all genres, of all ages, with different experiences, and this same heart that beats for creation and sharing with the public. Means of exchange between Artists and their messages to echo, thus allowing them to be discovered. Notice to managers, Majors Compagnie, local, regional or international stages, TV...!! The J'Mag takes off !! » Francine Cazanobe (French Song) from Toulon

“ Thank you James for all these discoveries of artists, talents from all walks of life and all styles. A great musical and artistic open-mindedness for a quality J'Mag, it's a pleasure! Thank you for these 2 live or recorded interviews, very good times spent together. Congratulations for everything and long life to J'Mag!  » Manukeen(Pop Rock, electro, urban) from Valenciennes

“ Dear friends, I am very honored to know James, and it is not by chance that I chose and accepted to be the godmother of J'Mag. Thanks to people like James, dedicated, passionate, eclectic, many artists come out of the shadows not only singers, musicians, but also painters, artists from all walks of life, because he loves us all. Artists of yesterday or today and soon those of tomorrow are all welcome in the J'Mag! Hats off James, thank you for everything and everyone. See you soon, to share our passions, and be together during your friendly lives, where everyone opens up to you, as well as to current and future J'Mag readers! Musically.  »

Chriss Fly(Electro Pop) by Draguignan

« The artist & me! The artist is alone, to express what he wishes to communicate with hisworks. Thus, J'Mag thanks to its work of mediatization, makes it possible to diffuse theworks  many artists known and known through theirworks, in order to share them on social networks without which they would be unknown.

J'Mag allowed me to transmit my art brut works and thus participate in the (re) knowledge of my various works, and then without his work and his J'Web TV shows, I will be unknown and in the shadows nights of solitude by the unknown artist (like the soldier?).

A big thank you to J'Mag for its work of cultural media coverage!  »

Gilles Auger(Painter of raw art) from Bourges

The cultural magazine that entertains you!


I Mag,a webzine in A4 format that you can easily consult and print from home...!


From 20 to 30 unpublished interviews, full pages, in each J'Mag. From 7 to 12 J'Mag per year + the Best of (2 to 5 per year, Music: every 21/06 (during the interview period from 01/01 to 21/06) and 31/12 (on the period from 21/06 to 31/12), for the other best of themes, everything depends on the production of the interviews...)!


Currently more than950 interviews done!

J'Mag: Cultural portrait interviews (News & Politics, Arts & Cultures, Current Music & Live Shows, Entertainment), with also a lot of discoveries and Pop Culture!


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