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** Current music & Live shows **

Parade 3 (Post Punk Rock) from Marseille - Inouïs PDB 2020

Temenik Electric (Arabic rock, electro) from Marseille

Lita Kira (Pink Rock) from Lille

Sioban (Folk Rock) by Tournus

Stache 2 (Pop) Towers

Minimum Set (Electro Pop Folk) from Marseille

Yellow Pill (Pop, Soul) from the Vosges

Ojun (Folk Electro) from Lorient

Adam Carpels (Electro) from Lille

Stelio (Rap) from Paris

Neel Dize (Alternative rap, Psyche, electro) from Paris

An Eagle in your Mind (Folk Psyche, World) from Puy-en-Velay

Kavkazz (Music of the Caucasus) from Paris

Zeph (Afro Brass Band) from Lyon

Marcus Gad (Reggae) from New Caledonia

Jann Halexander (Francophone song) from Paris

Alex in front of the peaks (French Song) from Belgium

Jeanchristopher (French song from Paris

Kirane (melancholic song) from Paris

Samuel Cohen 2 (Varieties) of Paris


Philippe Chatain (Impersonator, comedian) by Guidel

Juju Alishina (NUBA Japanese Dance Company) from Paris

J'Mag #22 (03/12/21)

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