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Diverse talents from yesterday, today and tomorrow, from all over France…!


** Arts & Cultures **

Sandrine Morille(Author) of Hambye

Roman Watson(Author) from Lille

** Current music & Live shows **

Epsylon(Rock) from Nantes

Godo &(Rock) from Paris

arabella(Rock Folk) from Grenoble

Elliott Armen3 (Rock Folk) from Saint-Malo - Unheard of PdB 2021

Lake Geneva(Rock, electro) from Lyon

Kaminos(Rock, Hard Rock) from Bourges / Bordeaux

PolyMaze(Rock, Pop) from Bourges / Orleans

Shinobi Blue(Pop) of Tours

Bingo(Pop) from La Rochelle

Lomé(Pop, electro) from Arras

Andreia(World, Urban, Reggae) by Les Lilas

Tomawok(Reggae) from Angers

Hollywood Bazaar(French song, electro Pop) from La Rochelle

Filansen(French song) from Dijon

Liliane Davis3 (Varieties)

Patrice Schreider2 (Varieties)


Benjamin Gaillochon(Cultural projects) of Issoudun

Luigi2 ofStudio Luna Records (Sound engineer) of Bourges

Patsy2 (Magicienne, ventriloquist, balloon sculpture) by Bannay

Marianne Content(Comedienne, comedian and author) from Paris

J'Mag #27 (20/05/22)

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