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25 cultural talentsrelated to tv!


Brigitte Lecordier (Dubbing actress)

Charlotte Hennequin (Dubbing actress)

Claude Lombard

Cyrille Dupont

Damien Robillot

Dominique Poulain

Edwin Marin (Korekuta No Hakoniwa, game store and Japanese cultural products)

Eddy Chantel (Host and author)

Franky Spike (singer)

Jean-Marc Anthony Kabeya

John Paul Cesari

Jean Pierre Savelli

Julien Lamassonne

Liliane Davis

Marc Kesler (singer)

Mark Lesser (Dubbing actor)

Maroin Eluasti (Author)

Michael Barouille

Olivier Constantine

Olivier Fallaix (Host and author)

Patrice Schreider

Patrick Borg (Dubbing actor)

Peter Lorne

Valerie Barouille

Yoann Borg (Dubbing actor)

J'Mag #33 (07/21/22) - Best of Credits & Dubbing Actors

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