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Diversified talents from yesterday, today and tomorrow, from all over France but not only...!


** Arts & Cultures **

GraphiFlo(Designer) of Sevran

Topaz(graffiti artist) from Riom

Yann Perez(Author of novels and short stories) from Paris

** Current music & Live shows **

lol(Rock, Blues) from Paris

Reps(Copper French Rock) from Bordeaux

Euphrates Ride(Progressive Rock) from Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer

grinding wheel(Rock, electro) from Tours - Inouïs du PdB 2022

Rope(Post Rock, Electro, Folk) from Lille

Christopher Kah(electro) from Strasbourg

Lionel Tim(Pop, comedian) from Paris

Tellma(Pop Rock) from Bordeaux

La Cafetera Roja(Pop Rock, Hip-Hop) from Europe (France, Austria and Spain)

Greboo(Pop Rock, Rap) from Saint-Etienne

NOVVI2 (Rap, Slam) from Clermont

James Sun(Reggae) from Paris

Johrise Jojoba(Reggae) from Angers

Diane Cluster Diane(French song) from Orléans - Preselected Inouïs du PdB 2022

Francine Cazanobe(French song) from Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer

The Lue(French Song) by Pontarlier

Bernard Sauvat2 (French Song) by Barbizon

Chrys Helena(Varieties) of Lille

Chriss Fly(Varieties, electro) by Draguignan

Dylan Samuel(Conductor) by Rousset


Damien Robillot(Author, composer, singer (also from the credits "Mazinger Z") and actor) of Mouroux

Mark Lesser(“Dubbing” actor) from Paris

Mattias Plot(Comedian, comedian, musician) from Paris

Patrick Adler(Impersonator, comedian, comedian) from Paris

Franck LeHen(Comedian, author, director) from Paris

Christopher Botti(Playwright, screenwriter, director) from Paris

Acrostics(Company of acrobats) of Toulouse

J'Mag #26 (05/16/22)

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