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J'Mag, le magazine culturel qui vous divertit !

J'Mag in digital version: How does it work?

We have been selling the digital version of J'Mag since Tuesday February 1st. You can get each magazine from J'Mag #20 to the issue or subscribe! Any purchase is worth joining the association.


After placing your order for one or more magazines or a digital subscription in our online store, you will directly receive the link for downloading the magazine(s) in PDF format!

For subscriptions, you will receive an email informing you that our magazine is available on our server!

This price allows us to develop the association, to maintain the current quality of the content, to improve the graphic quality, as well as the general referencing of J'Mag on social networks as on the web!

  • J'Mag per unit: €3.90 incl. tax!

  • Subscription 6 digital issues = €19.90 instead of €23.40 including tax!

  • Subscription 12 digital issues = €39.90 instead of €46.80 including tax!

  • For the purchase of advertising insert(s): Contact us by email!