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Your J'Mag #34 is available for download Best of Best of Authors, 3rd Best of of the summer (See J'Mag #30 - Fête de la Musique with its 100 interviews and J'Mag #33 - Best of Credits & "Dubbing" actors with its 25 interviews of 07/21/22), with your23 cultural talents: Nothing like it for a literary month of August…!


Annick Astro(Author and astrologer) from Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire - J'Mag #16

Sharif Zananiri(Author of historical novels) from Chartres - J'Mag #9

Didier Chassot(Street poet) from Bourges - J'Mag #9

Dominik Vallet(Author and editor) d'Ormoy - J'Mag #9

Dominique Durand(Author of novels) of Longèves- J'Mag #23

Eddy Chantel(Author of "The Secrets of our comic TV movie heroes") from Clermont-Ferrand - J'Mag #9

Francois Carrefor the association Double Coeur (“La Belle saison Gabriel Monnet”) of Bourges- J'Mag #23

Gerard Larpent(Author and director) by Soulangis- J'Mag #23

Gilles Magreau(Author and artistic adviser theatre) de Vierzon- J'Mag #23

Jean-Claude Sartelet(Author of thrillers) from Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur- J'Mag #14

John Didier(Author and medium) of Saint-Médard-d'Aunis- J'Mag #18

Jimmy Trapon(Author and musician) from Paris- J'Mag #23

Loiki Nihon(Manga author) from Paris - J'Mag #10

Lorene Luigi(Author and dancer) from Paris - J'Mag #9

Maroin Eluasti(Author and Project Jayce) from Lille - J'Mag #11

Maud Brunaud(Author of Pop Literature) from Châteauroux- J'Mag #25

Michel Pinglaut1 and 2 (Speaker and author) of Villabon- J'Mag #20

Michele Beley(Author and magnetist) from Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur- J'Mag #14

Olivier Fallaix(Author of “La Belle Histoire des Génériques Télé”) from Lyon - J'Mag #11

Roman Watson(Author of “Sorcerers”) from Lille- J'Mag #27

Sandra Amani(Author on Burgundian popular culture) from Dijon - J'Mag #9

Sandrine Morille(Author) of Hambye- J'Mag #27

Yann Perez(Author of novels and short stories) from Paris- J'Mag #26

J'Mag #34 (01/08/22) - Best of Authors

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