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113 Interviews: Music & Live shows + Entertainment since 06/21/21 (J'Mag #17) !


** Current music & Live shows **

Adam Carpels (Electro) from Lille

Alex Devant les Cimes (French Song) from Belgium

Alex Le Bail (Pop Rock) from Orleans

Amber (Clam Rock) by Vichy

Amouë (French Chanson, Pop) from Lille

An Eagle in your Mind (Folk Psyche, World) from Puy-en-Velay

Annael (Pop) from Paris - Jury Prize Inouïs PDB 2021

Ann'so M. 3 (Pop Rock, electro) from Paris

Antechaos (Hard Rock) from Metz

Atoem (Electro) from Nantes

Balaphonics (Afro brass band) from Paris

Barrakuda (Rock) from Paris

Beryce (Folk Pop) from Nantes

Blanche (electro song) from Paris

Bloom Bat (Neo Soul, Trip-Hop) from Avignon

Bru Vintage Machine (Rock) from Martigues / Salon-de-Provence

Carlo's not dead 3 (Punk Rock) by Béthune

Charly B (Reggae) from Tenerife (Canary Islands)

Cheikh Ibra Fam (World Music) from Reunion

Cherry Pills (Rock) from Grenoble

Chester Remington (Psyche Rock) from Reims - Inouïs PDB 2021

Clara Venus (Rock) from Brest

Claude Lombard 3 and 4 (Varieties and Generics)

Daniel Fernandez and TiA/TiO (French and Spanish Songs) from Dijon

Dust'in Roses (Blues) from Lille

Elijah Band (Jazz fusion) from Lille

Elliott Armen 2 (Rock Pop) from Saint-Malo - Inouïs PDB 2021

Elodie Atlantis (Variety, Jazz, actress) from Grasse

Emea (World, Soul) from Besançon

Emmanuel Denis (Synthpop) from Bastia (Corsica)

Foenix7777 (Pop Rock) from Berry / Sologne

Fred K. (Pop) from Besançon

FUR (Furious Urgent Revolution, Pop Rock, electro) from Graçay and Corsica

Gaëtan Henrion (Current song) from Dordogne

Gami (Origamic Pop Rock) from Marseille

Geneviève Cholette - The Chiclettes (Swing) of Toronto in Canada

GLITCH (Post Rock psyche) from Marseille

IATHL 2 (Rock) from Paris

Irae (Electro) from Paris

Jah Light (Reggae) from Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

Jane's death (Indie Shoegaze Folk) from Marseille

Jann Halexander (Francophone Song) from Paris

Jayleen McCarty (Soul) de Gorges

Jeancristophe (French Song) from Paris

Jean-Jacques de Launay (Crooner)

Jean-Jacques Kira (Varieties) of Reims

Jeh Lion (Reggae Producer) from Montpellier

Jimmy Trapon (Author and metal band Dagara) from Paris

Julien Simoni (Alternative Pop) from Paris

Kavkazz (Music of the Caucasus) from Paris

Kenny LCT (Rap, Hip-Hop) from Marseille

Kirane (melancholic song) from Paris

KT Gorique (Hip Hop) from Switzerland - Inouïs PDB 2021

Kubix (Jamaican Jazz) from Paris

La Goulue (New Song) by Saint Omer

Ladaniva (Balkans Fusion) from Lille - Inouïs PDB 2021

Laszlo Jones (Rock) from Beirut (Lebanon)

LeanWolf (Blues, Rock) from Montpellier

The Insurgents (Rock Songs) by Burbure

Lewandö (Afro shamanic, Trip-Hop) from Montpellier

Liliane Davis 2 (Varieties)

Lita Kira (Pink Rock) from Lille

Manjul (Reggae) from Mali

Marcus Gad (Reggae) from New Caledonia

Massa Deme (Mandingo Folk) from Poitiers

Mekanik Kantatik (Electro Latino) from Marseille

Minimum Ensemble (electro Pop Folk) from Marseille

Miss Nessie (Post Punk, Rock Garage) from Strasbourg

Mojow (Rock) from Les Sables d'Olonne

Moonwise (Pop Jazz, Groove) from Rennes

Morgan Renaud (Singer and covers of Renaud) from Guingamp

Muddy Boots (Pop Rock) from Lury-sur-Arnon

Neel Dize (Alternative rap, Psyche, electro) from Paris

Niteroy (Indie Samba Pop) from Rennes

Ojûn (Folk Electro) from Lorient

Parade 3 (Post Punk, Rock) of Marseille - Inouïs PDB 2020

Paul Sanders (Soul, R&B) from Paris

Perrine (French Pop) from Le Havre

Pride & Joy (Blues) from Bourges

Purpleston (Trip-Hop, electro) by Dax

Purrs (Indie Rock) from Angouleme

Romain Watson (Pop Rock) from Lille

Samuel Cohen 2 (Varieties) of Paris

Sara Wenn (Pop Rock, Varieties) from Dijon

Sioban (Folk Rock) from Tournus

Spinabifida (Grunge) from Aix-en-Provence

Stache 2 (Pop) from Towers

Stelio (Rap) from Paris

Sylvette Leblanc (Varieties, World) from Poitiers

Takana Zion (Reggae) from Guinea

Temenik Electric (Arabic rock, electro) from Marseille

The Breakfast Club (Dream Pop) of Lille

The Soulphoenixs (Neo Funk) from Nantes

Titia (Pop) from Paris

Wab and The Funky Machine (Pop, Soul, Funk) from Toulouse

White Velvet (Baroque Pop) by Le Havre

Yann Cleary (Pop, Electro) from Aix-en-Provence

Yavanna (Rap, Urban Pop) from Orléans

Yellow Pill (Pop, Soul) from the Vosges

Yvard (Rock) from Bordeaux

Yvette Leglaire 3 (Burlesque singer) from Paris

Zayka (Electro) from Paris

Zeph (Afro Brass Band) from Lyon


Michel Barouille (Godfather of J'Mag, singer and musician) and Gilles Auger (Art brut painter) from Bourges

Christophe Boisselier (Magic and Wine Entertainment) from Rennes

Cyrille Dupont (Generic “Rémi”)

Jean-Marc Anthony Kabeya (Singer, dancer, comedian) from Belgium

Juju Alishina (Nuba Company of Japanese Dances) from Paris

Julien Lamassonne (Singer, director)

The Hypnotists (Hypnosis Show)

Philippe Chatain (Impersonator, comedian) from Guidel

J'Mag #24 - Best of 113 interviews!

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