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100 diverse talents of yesterday, today and tomorrow, from all over France, Wales, Austria, Spain, Quebec, Canada, Africa, and even from a former planet, with also 10 Inouïs du PdB! 😉 😊


GraphiFlo (Designer) from Sevran

** Current music & Live shows **

AAMIRAL (Pop, World, electro) from Grenoble

Abdul & The Gang (Kasbatek, Funk, Gnawa, electro) from Paris

Al'Tarba (Beatmaker, Hip-Hop) from Montreuil

Alex Le Bail 2 (Pop Rock) from Orleans

Alright Mela (World, Oriental, electro) from Angers

Andreia (World, Urban, Reggae) from Les Lilas

Arabella (Rock Folk) from Grenoble

Armoni (Electro) from Clermont-Ferrand - Inouïs PdB 2022

Berling Berlin (Rock, New-Wave) from Paris

Bernard Sauvat 2 (French Song) by Barbizon

Blue Shinobi (Pop) Towers

Bongi (Pop Folk, Jazz, Zulu Blues) from Marseille

Cathy Heiting (Jazz, Funk, Groove) from Marseille

Charlotte Fever (Scorching Pop) from Paris

Chris Joly (Varieties) from Beaumont-sur-Oise

Chriss'Fly (Varieties, electro) from Draguignan

Chriss'Fly 3 (Varieties, electro) by Draguignan

Christopher Kah (electro) from Strasbourg

Chrys Adam (French rock) from Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer

Coffees & Cigarettes 2 (Hope N'Roll) from Poitiers

String (Post Rock, Electro Folk) from Lille

Damien Robillot (Author, composer, singer) of Mouroux

David Asko (Melancholic and hypnotic Techno) from Lille

Denuit 2 (Darkwave) from Montpellier

Dévoré (French song) from Lille

Dewis Mira (Folk, Pop) from Manosque

Diane Cluster Diane (French Song, Rock) from Orléans

Dylan Samuel (Conductor) of Rousset

Ekloz (Rap) from Montpellier - Inouïs PdB 2022

Elliott Armen 3 (Rock Folk) from Saint-Malo - Inouïs PdB 2021

Epsylon (Rock) from Nantes

Euphrates Ride (Progressive Rock) from Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer

FeeLiNg (Pop Rock) by Moulins

Filansen (French Song) from Dijon

Francine Cazanobe (French Song) from Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer

Gabriel Tur (Chanson Psyche) from Paris

GLITCH 2 (Psycho underground, Rock) from Marseille - Inouïs PdB 2022

Godo & (Rock: Contact FB) from Paris

GRAViiTY (Neo Trance) from an ancient planet

Greboo (Pop Rock, Rap) from Saint-Etienne

Hay Babies (Indie Folk, Country Folk) from Canada

Hollywood Bazar (French song, electro Pop) from La Rochelle

James Sun (Reggae) from Paris

January Sons (Indie Folk) from Marseille

Jean-Jacques de Launay (Crooner, variety, comedian)

Johrise Jojoba (Reggae) from Angers

Ju' (Mixed Pop Maloya) from Reunion / Soissons

Jules Henriel 4 (Folk, Rock) from Marseille - Inouïs PdB 2020

Julii Sharp (Folk) from Toulouse - Inouïs PdB 2022

Kaminos (Rock, Hard Rock) from Bourges / Bordeaux

Kostia R. Yordanoff (Pop Rock) from Paris

La Cafetera Roja (Pop Rock, Hip-Hop) from Europe (France, Austria and Spain)

La Lue (French Song) by Pontarlier

La Pietà (French Song, Rock) from Montpellier

The Bingo (Pop: Contact FB) of La Rochelle

Léman (Rock, electro) from Lyon

The 2S (Pop: Contact) of Bourges / Bordeaux

Liliane Davis 3 (Varieties, pub)

Lionel Tim (Pop, comedian) from Paris

Lissom (Alternative, Modern classical, Dark electronic) Cardiff / Bordeaux

Canada's Living Hour (Indie Rock)

Livingstone (Blues Rock) from Paris

LMZG (Electroswing) of Grenoble

Lol (Rock, Blues) from Paris

Lome (Pop, electro) from Arras

Lou-Adrianne Cassidy (Pop, Rock, Chanson) from Quebec

Lucie Chartier (Varieties) from Châteauroux

Madlen Keys (Alternative Rock) from Paris

Manukeen (Pop Rock, electro, urban) from Valenciennes

Mattias Plot (comedian musician) from Paris

Meule (Rock, electro) from Tours - Inouïs PdB 2022

Museau (Electro, Synthetic Pop) from Rouen - Inouïs PdB 2022

Better Alone (Electro Pop) from Bourges

Naya Ali (Rap, Hip-Hop) from Canada

Nicolas Veroncastel (French song, electro) from Rennes

NOVVI 2 (Rap, Slam) from Clermont

Patrice Schreider 2 (Varieties)

Perrine 2 (French Pop) from Le Havre

Phaon (Popaventureus) from Limoges - Inouïs PdB 2022

PolyMaze (Rock, Pop) from Bourges / Orleans

Reps (Copper French Rock) from Bordeaux

Romain Watson 2 (Pop Rock, Folk) from Lille

Sara Wenn 2 (Pop Rock, Variety) from Dijon

Sonia Elgarrot (Pop Rock, electro) from Paris

Sunn-e (Electro Pop, Rock) from Paris

Tellma (Pop Rock) from Bordeaux

Théophile (Rap, Pop) from Angers

Tomawok (Reggae) from Angers

Tom Poisson (French Folk) from Paris

Orleans Unity Crew (Hip-Hop)

Virage (Trance, Techno) of Valence

Vito (Alternative Hip-Hop) from Arras

YMNK (Electro) from Roubaix - Inouïs PdB 2022

Zèbre 2 (French song) from Arras


Maxime Faivre for Bigfoot, Ramdam under the stars (Fantastico-humorous musical show) from Arras

Luigi 2 from Studio Luna Records (Sound Engineer) in Bourges

Benjamin Gaillochon (Cultural projects) from Issoudun

Patsy 2 (Magicienne, ventriloquist, balloon sculpture) by Bannay

Les Acrostiches (Acrobatic Company) of Toulouse

J'Mag #30 (21/06/22) - Best of 100 interviews!

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