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** News & Policies **

Alain Payen (ASIA Association) of Bourges

Francois Carre (Double Heart Association) of Bourges

** Arts & Cultures **

Michael Barouille (Sponsor of J'Mag and singer)AndGilles Auger (Painter of raw art) from Bourges

Bruno Beillard (Iron sculptor) of Vignoux-sur-Barangeon

Dominique Durand (Author of novels) from Vendée

Gilles Magreau (Author and artistic adviser theatre) de Vierzon

Gerard Larpent (Author and director) by Soulangis

Jimmy Trapon (Author and metal band Dagara) from Paris

** Current music & Live shows **

LeanWolf (Blues, Rock) from Montpellier

Laszlo Jones (Rock) from Beirut (Lebanon)

Alex LeBail (Pop Rock) from Orleans

Sara Wenn (Pop Rock) from Dijon

Gami (Origamic Pop Rock) from Marseille

Titia (Pop) from Paris

White Velvet (Baroque Pop) from Le Havre

Yavanna (Rap, Urban Pop) from Orléans

Kenny LCT (Rap, Hip-Hop) from Marseille

Irae (Electro) from Paris

Zayka (Electro) from Paris

White(electro song) from Paris

Jean Jacques de Launay (Crooner)


Christophe Boisselier (Magic and Wine Animations) of Rennes

The Hypnotists (Hypnosis show)

J'Mag #23 (23/12/21)

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