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** Arts & Cultures **

Live J’WebTv2(29/12/21):Alain Payen 2 (Asso. President ASIA) of Bourges, Gilles Auger (Painter of raw art) from Bourges,Michael Barouille (Sponsor of J'Mag, singer and musician)AndPaul Sanders 2 (Soul & RnB) by Unverre

Maud Brunaud (Pop Literature) of Châteauroux

** Current music & Live shows **

Chris Adam (French rock) from Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer

Roman Watson 2 (Pop Rock, Folk) from Lille

By night 2 (Darkwave) from Montpellier

GRAVIiTY (Neo Trance) from an ancient planet

Turn (Trance, Techno) from Valencia

David Asko (Melancholic and hypnotic Techno) from Lille

Sunn-e (Electro Pop, Rock) from Paris

Bongi (Pop Folk, Jazz, Zulu Blues) from Marseille

Abdul & The Gang (Kasbatek, Funk, Gnawa, electro) from Paris

Devoured(French Song) from Lille

Zebra 2 (French Chanson, Pop, Folk) from Arras

Morgan Renaud 2 (French Chanson, Pop, Folk) by Guingamp

Chris Joly (Varieties) of Beaumont-sur-Oise

J'Mag #25 (01/25/22)

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