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25 talents of today and tomorrow, from all over France but not only…!


** Current music & Live shows ** 

Phaon(Adventurous pop) from Limoges - Inouïs PdB 2022

Charlotte Fever(Scorching Pop) from Paris

The 2S(Pop) from Bourges / Bordeaux

Alex LeBail2 (Pop Rock) from Orleans

Lou Adriane Cassidy(Pop, Rock, Chanson) from Quebec

Madlen Keys(Alternative Rock) from Paris

Living Hour(Indie Rock) from Canada

Berlin Berlin(Rock, New Wave) from Paris

Coffees & Cigarettes2 (Hope N'Roll) from Poitiers

Livingston(Blues Rock) from Paris

Julii Sharp(Folk) of Toulouse - Inouïs PdB 2022

Hay Babies(Indie Folk, Country Folk) from Canada

GLITCH2 (Psycho underground, Rock) from Marseille - Inouïs PdB 2022

Ekloz(Rap) from Montpellier - Inouïs PdB 2022

Theophile(Rap, Pop) from Angers

Naya Ali(Rap, Hip-Hop) from Canada

Nicolas Veroncastel(French song, electro) from Rennes

Gabriel Tur(Song Psyche) from Paris

LMZG(Electroswing) of Grenoble

YMNK(Electro) de Roubaix - Inouïs PdB 2022

Armoni(Electro) of Clermont-Ferrand - Inouïs PdB 2022

Muzzle(Electro, Synthetic Pop) from Rouen - Inouïs PdB 2022

Better Alone(Electro Pop) from Bourges

Chriss Fly3 (Varieties, electro) by Draguignan

Lucie Chartier(Varieties) of Chateauroux

J'Mag #29 (20/06/22)

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