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17 diverse talents from yesterday, today and tomorrow, from all over France but not only…!


** Arts & Cultures **

Live J'Web Tv #5(05/31/22) withGilles Auger (Art Brut painter) from Bourges, Chriss'Fly (Pop electro) from Draguignan and Jules Henriel (Folk, Rock, Godfather of J'Mag) from Marseille

Annie Puybareau(Painter) of Notre-Dame-de-Bondeville

** Current music & Live shows **

Cy(Indie Folk, Pop) from Marseille

Bobato(Pop silly) from Grenoble

Alkabaya(French Pop) from Saint-Etienne

Yvard3 (French Rock) from Bordeaux

Romain Ughetto(Rock) from Lyon

Iseo & Dodosound(Reggae, Dub) from Spain

Noise Fury(Electric Poetry) from Toulouse

Lupo(French song, electro) from Guérande

K.Leone(Electro Pop, Varieties) by Guingamp

Simon Herran(Varieties) of Honfleur

Michael Pelay2 (Varieties, composer) by Puteaux


Stephane Botti(Comedian, author, director) from Paris

Adhara Company(Fire Show) of Valencia

J'Mag #32 (07/07/22)

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