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Nothing like a dynamic return to school…!


36 diverse talents from yesterday, today and tomorrow, from all over France…!


Live J'Web Tv #4- Part 1 (Part 2: See J'Mag #31 of 06/29/22): withGilles Auger (Art Brut painter) from Bourges,Michael Barouille(Varieties and generics) of Nîmes,Fred K.(French Pop) from Besançon,Perrine(French Pop) from Le Havre, Yvard (Rock) from Bordeaux.

Live J'Web Tv #6(06/22/22) withGilles Auger (art brut painter) from Bourges, Chriss'Fly (electro pop) from Draguignan,Patsy(Magicienne, ventriloquist, balloon sculpture) by Bannay, Francine Cazanobe(French Song) from Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer, Patrick Adler(Impersonator, comedian, comedian) from Paris, Alex LeBail(Pop Rock) from Orleansand Jules Henriel (Folk, Rock) from Marseille

** Arts & Cultures **

Nicolas Briere(Painter) from La Bernerie-en-Retz

Ben Pebbles(Illustrator, painter, street art) from Villelongue-dels-Monts

Zeso Art(graffiti artist) from Lyon

Pink Art Roz(Painter, singer) from Vesoul

Grangil(Painter, Pop singer) from Montbéliard

** Current music & Live shows **

The 3 Cheeses(Rock'N'Drôle) from Quiberon

Red Gordon(Groove, Neo Metal) from Clermont-Ferrand

Ali Veejay2 (Folk, Pop) from Saintes

Juliet Bauer(Electropop) from Bourges

Luke Anger(Pop Rock) from Paris

star light(Pop Rock) by Sassierges-Saint-Germain

Maybe Merlin(Pop) from Paris

Pyreneo(Pop) from Argelès-Gazost

Rey Baliardo(Gipsy) from Montpellier

Lidiop(Reggae) from Paris

jeh lion2 (Reggae Producer) from Sète

David Cranf(electro song) from Arras

Remi Boibessot(French Song) by Clichy

Jacky Reggan(Varieties) of Paris

Franck Ciup(Classical music) from Bourges


Alexis Tomassian(Dubbing actor and singer) d'Alfortville

Amaury Gonzague(Comedian) from Paris

Pierre-Yves Noel(Impersonator) of Reims

jerry tabary(YouTuber host) from Pau

Gerome Henrieyfor DeLorean Experience Paris


For any interview request:!

J'Mag #37 (04/11/22)

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