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30 diverse talents from yesterday, today and tomorrow, from all over France, but also from Reunion, New York (US), Prague in the Czech Republic and Quebec!


* Live J'Web Tv 8 (31/10/22):Gilles Auger (Outsider art painter) from Bourges, Romain Watson (Author, Pop, French Chanson) from Lille, Pierre Charby (Variétés 70's) from Cannes, Julien Bonnemain (Pop, French Chanson) from Soissons / La Réunion, Francine Cazanobe (French song) from Toulon and Jean-Jacques Kira (Varieties) from Reims

Live J'Web Tv 9 (30/11/22):Gilles Auger (Art Brut painter) from Bourges, Chriss'Fly (Pop electro) from Draguignan, Alex Le Bail (Pop Rock) from Orléans, Manukeen (Pop, Rock, urban electro) from Valenciennes, NOVVI (Rap, Slam ) from Clermont, Pierre-Yves Noël (Impersonator) from Reims

* Live J'Web Tv 10 (12/12/22):Gilles Auger (Art Brut painter) from Bourges, Chriss'Fly (Pop electro, Godmother of J'Mag) from Draguignan, Florian de Bobato (Pop Niaise) from Grenoble, Michael Lome (Pop, electro) from Arras, Mattias Plot (Comedian, musician) from Paris, Francine Cazanobe (French song) from Toulon


** Arts & Cultures **

Antoine Chereau(Press cartoonist, cartoonist) from Paris

Allias / Valentin Walker(Urban painter, DJ) from Valencia

** Current music & Live shows **

Hugues Darvey(Rock) from Paris

Vonda Shepard(Pop) from New York (US)

Koss(Urban Pop) from Paris

Johanna Saint-Pierre(Pop, Soul, Electro) from Paris

boyish(Wild Electro Pop) from Lille

KareF(AfroTrap) of Arcueil

Frogs & Friends(Jazz, Swing) from Prague (Czech Republic)

Urban Rinaldo(Classical, Caribbean music) from Paris

Jordan Andres(Rhymes for children) from Nîmes


Remy Langlois(Tribute show to Johnny Hallyday) from Quebec


For any interview request:!

J'Mag #42 (01/23/23)

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